Dr. Jagathy Nair

Dr. Jagathy Nair is a teacher and department chair (ASD/Dual K-12 classes) at Royal Palm School in Palm Beach County. Dr. Nair has always been a spokesperson and advocate for children with autism spectrum disorder and provides training and support to parents in the school and home environment. As a teacher, her focus has always been to improve the abilities of children with ASD in all areas. She also supports parents of children with ASD in different countries through her website (www.jagathyautism.com). Dr. Nair graduated from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland with a master’s degree in leadership with a specialization in exceptional student education. She received her Ph.D. for her research in “Diagnosis and Remediation of Writing Disabilities.” She also has a specialist in leadership degree from Nova Southeastern University, a master’s degree in education, and a master’s degree in English language and literature. She supports and guides teachers in implementing effective strategies in the classroom. She also is an adjunct faculty at Palm Beach State College in the Teacher Education Program.
Dr. Nair has been a PEPSA Partner and implements mini-researches in her classroom through grants for better student involvement and learning gains. She strongly believes that it would make a difference in the lives of children with autism spectrum disorder. Dr. Nair has been awarded CEC Special Education Teacher of the Year in 2015. She was a finalist for the Marjorie Crick Florida Teacher of the Year (2015) and a finalist for the Dwyer Awards for Excellence in Education (2016).