Flora Howie

Dr. Flora Howie is a board certified developmental pediatrician who serves as Medical Director of the Autism Center at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. For over twenty years, she has pursued her special interest in serving children with autism spectrum disorder and their families. Dr. Howie has collaborated with community partners on the Autism System of Care project at the University of South Florida-CARD. She was on the advisory board for the Positive Family Intervention Project at USF. Serving as Primary Investigator, she worked with a study team conducting a group recreation program for children with autism and gross motor delay. Her advocacy for children with autism, culminated in receipt of the All Children’s Hospital Certificate of Recognition for Service Excellence, Community Partner Award from the University of South Florida, and 2012 Health Care Heroes Finalist Award from the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

Saturday. January 21. 2017 Breakout #33 4:15pm-5:15pm