James Williams

James Williams is an adult with autism. He was diagnosed at the age of 3, in 1991. He graduated from Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook, Illinois, in 2010. Today, he travels around the United States to lecture on autism, and is the author of three books on autism, OUT TO GET JACK, THE H.A.L. EXPERIMENT, and WHEN GARY COMES TO PLAY. He serves on the staff for several anime conventions—Anime Midwest, Animinneapolis, Meta Con, and Geek Kon. He also consults regularly at schools for individuals with autism, such as the P.A.T.H Academy for Autism in Bryan, Ohio, and is a member of the Steering Committee for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Waisman Center’s Community of Practice on Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Disabilities, based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Saturday. January 21. 2017 Lunch & Learn #13 12:30pm-1:30pm

Saturday. January 21. 2017 Breakout #36 4:15pm-5:15pm