Kelly Everson

Dr. Everson specializes in psychotherapy and assessment of children, adolescents and families. Dr. Everson is experienced in group therapy with adolescents and parents, individual therapy with children, adolescents and adults, and family therapy. Dr. Everson leads the Autism Spectrum Clinic at PBBHW and primarily works with children, adolescents and adults diagnosed with ASD. She has worked with this population since 2006 and feels renewed every time she sees change in her clients- particularly when they have social victories! She is excited to host social skill groups for children and adolescents and always looks to add parent involvement and support. Helping parents through her work with children and adolescents is her passion. Dr. Everson also regularly attends Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings in the schools for her clients and works as part of a child’s team of professionals, consulting with other providers regularly.

Saturday. January 21. 2017 Breakout #25 3:00pm-4:00pm