Lisa Rowland

Lisa Rowland has been an ESE director for seven years and has worked in the field
of education for 29 years. Mrs. Rowland began her career as an itinerant speech and
language pathologist serving all schools from elementary to high school in a variety of service delivery models, including team teaching and full inclusion. She later became a high school guidance counselor and an ESE staffing specialist. Mrs. Rowland also holds an ASD endorsement.

Mrs. Rowland works closely with schools, teachers, administrators, and the school board to provide supports necessary for students to be successful in mainstream settings. She advocates for her students by training her staff on the “why” and “how”of inclusion, fostering an environment that supports inclusion, and assisting staff and administrators when bumps on the “inclusion road” arise. Mrs. Rowland will explain the model within her district that makes inclusion work.