Lynette Langford

Lynette Langford started in education in 1979 as a business education teacher in Gilchrist
County. When Gilchrist County began the integration of computers into classrooms,
she became the technology coordinator. She served as the assistant principal of Trenton
High School from 1999 to 2002 and as principal from 2003 to 2012. She then served as principal of Trenton Elementary School from 2012 until retirement in May of 2016. In October of 2016 she decided retirement was not for her and she began working for DES of Florida and contracts as a support facilitation teacher at Bell Middle-High School.

While principal at Trenton High School, the district and school implemented full inclusion classrooms. As a school administrator Lynette had the opportunity to see self-contained classrooms, pull-out programs, resource rooms, and full inclusion settings. She believes that to make full inclusion classrooms work for everyone, teachers are at the heart; they must receive proper training and understand the needs of each of their students. Now as a classroom teacher and a support facilitator in other classrooms she is enjoying the opportunity to work in full inclusion classrooms.